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Love Food
on Valentine's Day

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"My way of showing love has always been to provide delicious treats for friends and loved ones."

Jean blazer designed and created by Judee. (Judee Moonbeam Studio) 

I think the one food I associate with love is homemade chicken soup. Chicken soup, especially homemade chicken soup, is always made with love. The time, the ingredients and the warmth it brings. It fills a void, feeds the soul, heals, and warms the heart. It's not the most romantic of foods, but for me it's one of the most wonderful dishes in the world."

Clothes designed and created by Ivy.  (Chocolate Diamond-Elegant & Functional Fashion)

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"Usually I would prepare a special breakfast, I would try to make everything a little special: special tablecloth, a little powder sugar on the fruit, a pretty parfait dish, maybe some tasy bread rolls. Make everything a little fancy."

Myra's clothes: Macy's


"I love to cook and try new recipes, but slogging along preparing dinner every night makes cooking feel like a chore. For Valentine's dinner I make something simple to cook and easy to clean up so we're spending more time at the table,and less in the kitchen. Baked salmon, steamed spinach and rice fits the bill with chocolate chip brownies for dessert. Perfection. " 

Marybeth's clothes: H&M

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"Here is what I think/feel about a food that resonates with me as a symbol of love:


Cooking has always been a passion of mine. Some of the high points of developing my appreciation of cooking were my Italian grandparents teaching me how to make homemade Ravioli ( they continued handrolling dough well into their 90’s), attending weekly “Gourmet" cooking classes with my Mom, catering special events, and cooking with my sons starting when they were very young. Our kitchen was always the heart, soul and gathering place of our home. 


The main comforting Food that I love to make for any holiday is Lasagne. It’s easy, ( or complex if you make everything from scratch), versatile, comforting, satisfying and serves one or a crowd.Lasagne can be Red, White,Green, Savory, Sweet, Gluten free, Meaty and the leftovers are even as good as the first time, if not better. Perfect for a sit-down with family, taken from the refrigerator and reheated when the teenage boys come home with friends, dropped off at a neighbors home to celebrate a success or help comfort a wounded heart.


After my Traumatic Brain Injury in 2012, I lost many of my natural skills, including cooking.The first recipe I relearned, with great effort was Lasagne. I started with the basics and now can craft this dish different ways each time. My friends and family enjoy the new creations , or so they say;-) 

Anne's clothes: H&M

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