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Holiday Sweet Traditions


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   Carol: "One tradition we have in our family on Christmas morning is baking an 

 egg casserole and a yummy gooey French 

 toast casserole. Then Christmas dinner we 

 have our traditional iron skillet apple pie."



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Linda: "Nut Kiftels, (in German, probably Nusse Kipfel) as my family calls them, are nut filled crescent shaped pastries. My sisters (and most of our female cousins) make them every year, a connection to our family's history and the love shared with home-baked treats."

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Donna: "my daughter and I take our birthday week off in December and bake cookies for friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. This year we made peanut brittle, Mexican wedding cakes, rum balls, molasses spice cookies and pecan nut cups for everyone". 


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Sarah: "For dessert after a heavy holiday meal I make a red bean soup with lotus seeds and small sticky rice balls."



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