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      Celebrating Women in Business

Six professional women representing different generations share their perspectives on the benefits of an intergenerational networking. 

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Dorice,keynote speaker,

As a generation X, I am the peanut butter in the sandwich, right in the middle! While peanut butter or any other spread is yummy, can you imagine eating only that…all the time?? Bla! The real pleasure is enjoying the sandwich, with all of its parts! And this delicious yummy sandwich right here is represented by the magnificent Baby boomers, traditionalist on one side and Millennial and Generation Z on the other. Each of us part of the unique sandwich only we can create. Learning from other’s experiences and life’s lessons and providing it to those entering the arena. The more we share, the greater selection of sandwiches we create, the different flavors we bring forth, and the more variety we experience. How splendid is that?!

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Shayamal, software engineer, fashion designer, model and makeup artist

It can generate practical ideas from the people who are on the front line to improve the business. It can be motivating and supportive for team members and lead to deeper employee and manager relationships that build trust.

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Francine, public speaking, speaker

Intergenerational networking opens doors to new thoughts and opportunities as we share our stories and diverse experiences. 

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Jennie, Realtor

We all know the value a more experienced mentor provides, but each and every one of us have insights, experiences, and ideas. We can learn so much from each other, support one another, grow, and make life better if we choose to. 

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Rashelle, Realtor

Intergenerational networking and partnerships increase community, creativity, and diversity. As well as develop a strong foundation of leadership, a cohesive culture and a

positive source of knowledge

and support.

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Willow, Business & Community Development Officer

Working with women of all ages allows for such diversity! Being in community with women from different personal backgrounds, professional experiences, personality types and age groups brings growth and opportunity to expand my mind, heart and soul.

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