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Viva 50! Women in Action

As someone who loves fashion I know that age has nothing to do with style. Great style is possible no matter how old you are—the key is knowing how to flaunt your body and sensibility in a way that works for you. For many of us, our fashion style sense evolves over time as we gain life experience, understand what we feel comfortable in, and determine how we want to present ourselves to the world. While women at fifty and beyond know who they are and are authentic to their style, I think there’s no reason why they can’t be a little daring and try something new. I don’t think there should be style limitations and fortunately for us --- neither do our fabulous models.                                                    (Heather Sparks, Master of Ceremonies)

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Haoua Cheick is 67-years-old and immigrated to Oregon from Mali ten years ago. She is a social entrepreneur who runs a gallery featuring African and South Asian art.  It’s called WARE:  Women Artisans Resource Enterprise. She empowers female artists in underdeveloped countries to make baskets, fabric, carvings, jewelry and other art objects and market them in the US and Europe. She earned her MBA last year.

Haoua Cheick loves the textures, colors, and variety of native African garments. She works with mud cloths and tie dye -- and enjoys clothing developed from traditional styles. Her tunics are comfortable and reflect the vitality of her culture and her life . 

Jane is a former psychologist and now at age 67, she is President of Advance Gender Equity in the Arts.  She is committed to breaking down barriers for women and non-binary artists, and promoting anti-racist work in the arts.  Jane believes age is a gift and that getting old is incredibly liberating and joyful. 

For Jane, clothes are a collective emotional experience.  She loves to shop – shops wisely and is a great bargain hunter.  She likes unique, fun fashion that allows her to move freely and reflects her creative spirit.  Her outfits also reflect her recent travels to Indonesia.  

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When Doris was working as a credit manager for a construction firm, she volunteered for Special Olympics teaching swimming to autistic kids. Now that she’s retired and 77-and-a-half, she supports her friends as they age and volunteers at the Cedar Mill Second Addition resale store where she loves using her skills in 3 languages to make customers happy. She calls volunteering her “Friday Vitamin.” 


Her clothes are all purchased at Second Addition. Her style is casual and informal for walking, jogging, and sports. She mixes pants, tops, and jackets -- and loves colors.  

Phung’s life has been full of action. She came to the US as a child, learned English, raised a family, earned a degree, and worked for Intel as an engineer for 32 years. She retired in December. Now she travels, loves being a grandma, and enjoys yoga. She looks forward to more travel.

Her outfits are just right for playing pickleball, lunch with friends, and (of course) travel.  


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At 72, Barbara, a former college president and professor --- scholar, poet, actor, and writer is still busy teaching, lecturing, writing, cooking, acting, performing her poetry --- and even hosting a radio show! With such a busy life, Barbara’s style is fast: make it work, get out the door.  Life is a rush…it’s always moving…to music, the moment or simply talking with friends. 


Her clothes are a reflection of her style and life, curated from hand-me-downs, designers, resale, friends, and travel. She loves black bomber jackets…anywhere, anytime.  

Mia, as operations manager for Soft Landings for Seniors, helps seniors downsize and transition into their new living arrangements. At 55, her favorite activities are recruiting volunteers to read with young students, yoga, tennis, and Pilates. She loves to be outdoors and takes daily walks with friends. They (the walks AND the friends) feed her soul. Mia’s life purpose is taking care of other peoples’ souls whether it’s beginning readers, seniors during one of the most stressful times in their life, or fellow employees at work.  

Mia’s fashion style is classic with an edge. Lately, it’s been casual active.  She chooses shorts for hiking and kayaking and tunics for relaxing or working     with kids.  

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This amazing clothing company has a mission to create a positive shopping experience for women of all shapes and sizes - true equity in body type! Usually women are treated to a personal shopping experience    at Universal Standard but currently it’s online shopping only. Our models received clothing items in the mail and were allowed to keep the clothes! 

Yuen teaches in the Head Start program at Kinnamen Elementary School in Beaverton where at age 50, she helps kids get a great start in school.  

Yuen lives and believes in the following quote:  KEEP GOING “Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments in your life.  Keep Going.  Tough situations build the strongest people in the end.”

Yuen wears casual, comfortable clothes that she can enjoy from work to weekend.

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At 55, Daniela has found her calling.  A single mom of an 18-year-old daughter heading off to college, she enjoys exercise and travel --- and she thrives as a real estate broker. She finds it empowering and enriching to help first-time home buyers find a home and achieve a goal they thought they could never reach. Teaching, encouraging, and building their confidence, Daniela finds it fulfilling to help people achieve their dreams.

Daniela’s style is casual, confident, and professional. She won’t allow herself to be trapped by her clothing.  She says, “Comfortable is who I am and what I’m selling.”

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Sacks Off 5th opened early for our models so they had the whole store to themselves! It was a day of high-end shopping enjoyment that our models enjoyed to the fullest. Check out Saks Off 5th the next time you’re at Bridgeport Plaza in Tigard.

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Elizabeth describes herself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur with an enthusiasm for helping others and giving back.  With a background in commerce, industry, and marketing, at 53, she is the founding director of the Women to Women Network, dedicated to helping women in business.  For her, work and life are very much intertwined and she believes that opportunity is everywhere. Elizabeth thrives on helping others discover opportunities and make their ideas a reality.  

She enjoys “polished casual” clothing and likes clothes that fit her mood as much as the activity at hand. Elizabeth loves comfortable, and cozy. She finds that shoes can be playful and favors dresses that can be dressy with heels and a wrap or dressed down with sandals or flats.  

Phyllis is a manager for a company that provides medical alert technology for the elderly and disabled. At 65, she thrives on providing  services that enhance lives. She recently welcomed her daughter’s family to live with her temporarily, a move prompted by challenges due to COVID. 

Phyllis describes her style as casual with a bit of an edge. She looks for designs which are contemporary and timeless at the same time.  

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Colleen spent her career working to ease the hardships of aging: dementia, disease, hospice, disabilities, and fear.  Now that she’s retired at 67, she’s enjoying and encouraging the joys of aging. She models and sells skin care and supplements. Her life is filled with action: modeling, physical activities, and networking. She’s a life-long learner who urges us to be open and ready!

Colleen wears what works for her. She says, “I’m a bit edgy but it’s gotta be comfortable.”  She urges us to remember that Women over 50 are just hitting their stride!

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