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Resources that fuel passion and projects

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I spend time every day keeping up with the latest news and developments in the field of aging. The amount of online material available is massive. What I look for however, is information that further educates me.

I have two general resource categories: 1) ageism and 2) the new old age. Articles on ageism fuel my passion and projects to change how people feel about aging. These articles demonstrate the many forms of ageism, including age labeling, generational gaps, and most current nemesis, COVID-19.

The new old age is a popular term to describe today’s adults beyond 50. We-yes, I’m including myself here-view old as someone older than ourselves and participate in life differently-and often more- than our parents and grandparents did in their life after 50. Articles here show where we are aging in U.S.-and the impact on community, prove that age is just a number when it comes to lifting weights, share what relationships look like beyond 50-the same as any other age, demonstrate the power of blue zones-fight off the spread of COVID-19, prove that happiness beyond 50 is attainable, and announce that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.


Encore (beyond 50)

  • Vigorous or Vulnerable. The Truth About Aging In This Time Of Crisis

Fast Company (technology, leadership, design)

  • Why Marketing To Seniors Is So Terrible

Growing Bolder (beyond 50)

  • What Both Sides Get Wrong About OK, Boomer

New York Times (world news, reviews, opinions …)

  • Finding Meaning and Happiness In Old Age

Stria News (beyond 50)

  • In Other Words: Finding New Terms For Old Age

The Atlantic (news, culture, and more)

  • Ageism Is Making The Pandemic Worse

The disregard for the elderly that’s woven into American culture is hurting everyone

  • When Does Someone Become ‘Old’? It’s surprisingly hard to find a good term for people in late life

The New Old Age

Fast Company (technology, leadership, design)

  • 7 Maps That Tell The Incredible Story of Aging in America

Growing Bolder (beyond 50)

  • Heart Of A Champion

Manrepellar (fashion, women, lifestyle)

  • "Don’t Take Dating So Seriously”. Relationship Advice From 3 Older Women

Next Avenue (beyond 50)

  • COVID-19 In The Blue Zone: What’s Helping Elders In Sardinia, Italy. In one town, only one resident has been diagnosed with the coronavirus

  • Facing 70: Finding Peace In Being ‘Real’

The wisdom of 'The Velveteen Rabbit' offers lessons as we age

Sixty & Me (beyond 50)

  • These Older Models Prove That Beauty Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date

The Star (world news, politics, entertainment…)

  • Women Over 50 Are *Finally* Having A Moment

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