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Ageing Activism

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Activism is a surging movement happening all over the world. It often is

spontaneous, leaderless, people all over the world are taking lessons from each other, and it’s NOT just young adults. Below, are random articles about today’s older activists. An unjust world matters to all ages more than ever before. (photo on right, Jordana Sardo, local Portland, Oregon activist)

Yes, Dolores Can: The 90-Year-Old Activist on Speaking Up, Raising Hell, and Doing the Work


This 90-year-old New York activist fought racist housing practices, was a nurse during the AIDS epidemic, and is now protesting for Black Lives Matter

Who is Nina Baginskaya, the 73-year-old Belarusian protester that takes on riot police?

The Sydney Morning Herald

Montgomery Advertiser The Power of Inclusive, Intergenerational Climate Activism

This Chair

Ashton Applewhite is a leading voice dedicated to combat ageism and celebrate age.

Marching for Social Justice. How older Americans are demanding change.

The Wall Street Journal

An older generation of civil activists, sees hope and lessons in today’s protests. They cheer the diversity of crowds but worry about the absence of a central spiritual leader and targeted agenda.


Climate Change: Older and Younger Activists Speak Out. How two generations talk about the future of the planet.

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