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"Everyone You Will Ever Meet Knows Something that You Don't” Bill Nye, American Science Educator

Growing up, I always looked up to my parents and relatives. One of their greatest gifts bestowed upon me was the importance of authenticity in myself and others. It took me a LONG time to ‘find’ my authentic self, but once I took possession, I have been seeking out of authentic social relationships to navigate my older adulthood.

Meet Sharon Rose, another authentic and awesome woman over 50. I met Sharon through a Facebook group, Gerontology Collaborative (yes, I introduced you to Jurie Lewis, another member of

this group in a previous blog). Facebook labels Sharon, as well as Jurie, ‘conversation starters’, my gateway to meet other professionals and individuals passionate about the realms of aging. And so, after our initial connection, commenting on Facebook posts, I discovered that Sharon possessed a wealth of professional experience and knowledge, and so much more!

With a passionate, no-nonsense, fast-talking, and direct manner, and with my prompting, Sharon offered directions and reasons to move Che Figata! forward. “You have many careers in you. Pursue your passion, if you don’t you will never discover the strengths in you.” Sharon spoke not just from passion but from experience. Imagine a spiral staircase with no top step: with a diverse professional background in marketing, public relations, and social gerontology, Sharon’s strengths and experiences just morph into new careers and projects. “I’m always evolving,” says Sharon. Her current projects include aging well, intergenerational programming, and geratech (social engagement and technology). “Take an angle to your job, add tech, build on your strengths,” Sharon continues. Furthering your education is another angle. Just a few years ago, Sharon returned to school to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social Gerontology. (Sharon’s mom obtained her Ph.D. at age 77, and together, they have developed several dynamic lifelong learning programs, the latest with an intergenerational focus).

Sharon proudly states that she is a Buddhist. “We are going to live forever, so keep reinventing yourself by taking your talents and morph them into whatever is vital today. Nothing can stop you.” Florida is fortunate, a state with the second highest percentage of individuals over the age of 65 (California is first according to 2019 census). Sharon’s talent-and her mother-will continue to make a difference for many, many years to come.

Below, Sharon Rose, right and mother, Edith Ginsberg


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