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Valentine’s Day mashup: inspiration from friends, awesome partners, and more…

Quotes about Valentine's Day!

“Valentine's Day for me has always been a day about love. The kind of love you havefor grandchildren, children, family and friends being paramount. I have not had a significant other since I was 36. This year Valentine's Day will just be another day filled with love.” Sharron

“My husband and I always celebrate Valentine’s Day! We exchange cards, dine at a restaurant then give each other a small gift. He usually buys me something but always throws in some sort of a chocolate. When in Portland, it’s Moonstruck chocolates and a Papyrus card. Since COVID, he sends me Jackie Lawson e-cards. I’m pretty lucky to have such a thoughtful caring husband after 40+ years.” Margaret

The Art of Craft for Valentine's Day

Candyce Scott, is the administrator of Programs and Operations for the Geezer Gallery. The Geezer Gallery is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to showcasing master-level senior artists and providing therapeutic arts programs to the local senior community, giving voice through art to seniors! Candyce, was also a model for the 2018 fashion show. “I'll be putting together card kits that they (older adult program recipients) can make and send out, as well as finished cards for those who aren't able to do it themselves. It has been challenging not being able to deliver our programs in person.

Valentine’s Day Shopping Favs

Coco and Toulouse, is owned by a woman who has an eye for style that’s bold, colorful, and fun! In 2018, Coco and Toulouse was a fashion partner. In addition to great fashion, they have accessories and gifts for the home (

Judee Moonbean, is a local fashion designer, she creates wearable art. She designs clothes and accessories. In 2018, Judee was a fashion partner.The theme (Valentine’s Day) is especially poignant for me, since, for 13 years I've operated "Say it with heART ”….my annual pop up art show which includes 15-30 artists each year. I transform my home into a Valentine themed gallery. I do plan on popping up my show tent in front of my studio, that weekend, if the weather is safe to do so, just to “save a place” for my annual show. Give yourself or someone you care for a unique and expertly crafted pin, purse, or heirloom doll. "(

The Color Pink

There was a time I would not wear pink, it was girly, and sugar and spice. Not anymore! The color pink is now stylish, playful, feminine, comfortable, and fun! Handpicked fashion ideas for Valentine’s Day inspiration!

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