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Updated: Oct 8, 2022

A Curator's Mind: 10 fun and inspirational articles, posts,and everything in between.

1. Creative, brilliant, or strange? KFC Mother’s Day promotion for 2022. Fried chicken-floral-arrangement! Well, compared to previous KFC Mother’s Day promotions, which included a KFC-inspired romance novella, chicken-flavored chocolate truffles, and chickendale dancers, I'd say creative.

2. Are you a local? Travel Portland is a great resource for information on local events and festivals.

3. The power of women! Women for Conservation, a Columbia based organization saving the forests, plus offering careers in conservation and ecotourism. Now this is inspiring.

4. Trouble sleeping at night? I’ve tried going to bed the same time every night and ban latenight tv watching. This routine works to some degree, perhaps I should try eating bananas before bed?

5. A dog's breed is not a good predictor of behavior. This is according to a recent study in Science News. "Most of these behavioral stereotypes are ingrained in how many view breeds, from Great Danes to shih tzus. Before beginning work on dog behavior, “I really held this idea of breeds being different to be the truth,” says Kathleen Morrill, a dog geneticist at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. “Every single book about breeds tells you that selecting a breed is the most important thing to consider when you’re getting a dog.”But in a new study published on Thursday in Science, Morrill and her colleagues show that a show that a dog’s breed is not a good predictor of behavior. They propose that most behavioral trends in dog types predate modern breeding, which primarily altered physical appearance."

6. What's a reliable news source? Research indicates that older adults are more likely to believe and share fake news than any other age group (there are many articles about this finding, including in USNews, Technology Review, and the Rolling Stones Magazine, you can ask me to direct you to specific articles). On this note, did you know that Christian Science Monitor has maintained its reputation as one of the most unbiased and reliable news sources over time? There are other reliable news sources listed here as well.

7. Dr. Seuss makes a comeback. For those who are unaware, some of Dr. Seuss books came under attack for racists imagery. Comebacks don’t always work, however, in the case of Dr. Seuss who has appealed to a diverse audience, I’m hopeful that the comeback is the right move.

8. A trend to work a long time. According to the Stanford Center on Longevity, as many as half of today’s 5 year olds in the United States can expect to live to the age of 100. In 2018, more than 255,000 Americans 85 years old or older were working over the past 12 months (Washington Post article on July 5, 2018). So, it should not be surprising to learn that today

there are a growing number of people over the age 100 still working,

including, Walter Orthmann, who recently turned the age of 100, and has

worked for the same company for more than 84 years, a world record. Why? Like Walter, many older workers will state that working a long time provides a sense of "purpose, commitment and a routine,".

9. Kudos to the amazing women of the year! Time Magazine recently published a special issue dedicated to honoring women. To determine who should be included in the 100 women of the year they asked themselves pointed questions, including, "What does it mean to be a woman?” and “How has society failed to acknowledge the contributions of women?”

10. Sushi is in danger of becoming an extinct concept. Yes, that's right. Sushi, might be ranked 5th among the most shared foods on Instagram, just behind ice cream and pizza. (chef’s pencil, Jan 19, 2022). And here's another recent study: according to Radical Storage study of most popular cuisines around the world, sushi was in the top five most popular food items eaten. (Radical Storage February 16, 2022). Now, getting back to sushi's welfare, overfishing and climate change are a few of the reasons sushi as we know it may become an extinct concept and farmed fish and man engineered fish, might become the new sushi concept.

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