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Moments in 2022!

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

(above) Moments from 2022. From celebrating women in business to honoring holiday sweet traditions, 2022 revealed a spirit of resilience.

(below) Unsung world events of 2022. A curated list of lesser known events of 2022.

A Curator's Mind: 10 fun and inspirational articles, posts, and everything in between.

1. World population reaches 8 billion this year. But it is expected to shrink.

2. Plastic waste. Representatives from 173 countries agreed to develop a legally binding treaty on plastics.

3. Free Pads and Tampons for anyone who needs them. Scotland becomes first country to offer free Pads and Tampons. And did you know that Oregon is among a small handful of states that offer free Pads and Tampons in public schools?

4. United Kingdom reintroduce wild bison. A wild bison was born in the United Kingdom on September 9th, the first time in six millennia!

5. Male Contraceptive. Vasectomy or condoms might not be the only contraceptive choices for men. Contraceptive gel or a 'male pill' anyone?

6. A promising source for human heart transplant. A genetically modified pig.

7. Top photos from around the world. One word, stunning.

8. .....And photos that guarantee to make you smile! My favorite, the "two dalmations"

9. Forbes Second Annual 50 Over 50. It features 200 successful women over 50. Moveover age!

10. Fascinating new scientific discoveries about dogs and cats.

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