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Valentine's Day

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

A Valetine's Day card from 1997. This is one of 100s of Greeting Cards I received from my mother. Each card was unique, depicting a work of art, and inside, almost always blank except for the handwritten sentiments.

This "What A Fig! issue is all about Valentine's Day.

A Curator's Mind: 10 fun and inspirational articles, posts, and everything in between.

1. Fortune Cookies for Valentine's Day. Why not? Instead of cookie decorating, just buy or make red fortune cookies and fill them with personal messages.

2. Valentine's Day Greeting Cards. Instead of the classic greeting card, go for something different, memorable. Here's one idea, it's not heart-shaped, but it's the color red and worth keeping after you open it.

3. Valentine's Day Wreath. A Valentine's wreath doesn't have to be heart-shaped or the color red.

4. A Valentine's Day Cookie that is good for you? You don't have to feel guilty eating this Valentine's Day cookie it's made with oatmeal, so it's fairly healthy, and this cookie has a history you can read about.

5. Portland Night Market. The next Portland Night Market will be February 10-11. It's in central SE Portland, features more than 175 of Portland’s best brands, makers and merchants. It is free to attend! And a great place to pick out a gift for Valentine's Day or just fill up on great food and fun activities.

6. Chocolate for Valentine's Day. Support local, here's a few places to get quality and one-of-a-kind chocolates for Valentine's Day.

7. Creme de la creme chocolate for Valentine's Day. The images alone are stunning, and in some cases, so are the prices.

8. Dinner on Valentine's Day. (an international Guide to The Good Life including reviews on restaurants, wine, spirits, lifestyle and movies) makes recommendations for the best restaurants to experience a Valentine's Day Meal.

9. Romantic Love is Ageless. You might have seen some of these images before, but they are so uplifting that I believe they are worth visiting again.

10. Beer and Chocolate Pairing. You don't have to be a connoisseur of beer or chocolate to enjoy a pairing experience. Here's a local event that promotes beer and chocolate pairing. For more Valentine's Day events, go online to 'Eventbrite' and search local events on or around Valentine's Day!

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