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An Ode To Magazines

An Ode to Magazines. Attenzione, (the photo above) the first magazine that I ever subscribed to, it was about Italian-American lifestyles.

For more than 100 years, magazines have informed, entertained and inspired us and yet publications appear to be rapidly declining or moving to digital format. Should we care?


A Curator's Mind: 10 fun and inspirational articles, posts, and everything in between.

1. Why Print Magazines Still Matter. They deliver great content on numerous subjects, articles are brief, making it convenient to stop and pick up again later. It is a relaxing activity to read a magazine, and the photos help you escape or be quickly informed. The writer of this article argues, "Holding a physical magazine is one of a reader's simplest pleasures,".

2. Magazine Categories Explained For Dummies. The consumer magazine, is the most common magazine category read (and under that category is a list of subcategories...entertainment, sports, etc.). If you like to read market research, this article delivers. Did you know that despite the fact that the landscape of magazines is changing, including moving online, the total number of magazine readers in U.S. is above 220 million according to a recent study.

3. The History of Magazines. For history buffs, this article is for YOU. The first American magazines were published in 1741. Philadelphia printers Andrew Bradford and Benjamin Franklin—who owned rivaling newspapers—both raced to publish the first American magazine. Bradford ultimately claimed the honor by publishing American Magazine first. Benjamin Franklin's General Magazine was published three days later. And there is so much more history in this article.

4. Do you know what magazine is the oldest, continuous magazine in United States? Read this article to learn about this magazine's most (in)famous moments in history.

5. Eye Catching Magazine Covers You Won't Forget. Magazine covers are meant to spark curiosity about the inside content, it is easy to agree after viewing the compiled list in this article.

6. Twenty Magazines that Target Consumers Age 50 and Above. Feedspot is a great online tool to find, in one place, a list of the most current websites about a particular subject matter. In this case, the most current list of magazines that target consumers age 50 and above.

7. Indie magazines that inspire us to slow down. Independent magazines in many cases, are better than big-name magazine counterparts. For one, many are free of advertisements. Furthermore, because these magazines are independent they don't focus on mass appeal, they focus on the craft of delivering something that is authentic, true in nature.

8. Food Magazines for Food Lovers. For the food lover, a list of food magazines with serious food journalism. Have you heard of Whetstone Magazine, minority-owned, focusing on food origins and culture? And there's more.

9. What to do with magazines once you read them (unless you save them as memorabilia). Here are some cool ways to reuse old magazines.

10. Travel. Magazines that cover travel to exotic places, national parks, cruise destinations, and so much more, including a magazine for the adventurous traveler, "Wired For Adventure", travel ideas for the NOT faint-hearted.

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