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In the year 2050. According to some of the latest research news, there will be some dramatic differences in how we live, work, and play by the year 2050. That's less than 30 years from now. So just how much change can we expect? Here's a peak!

A Curator's Mind: 10 fun and inspirational articles, posts, and everything in between.

1. An artificial workforce?In 30 years, a robot will likely be on the cover of Time magazine as the best CEO. Machines will do what human beings are incapable of doing. Machines will partner and cooperate with humans, rather than become mankind’s biggest enemy.Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chairman

2. Surgical robots? Not only surgical robots, in just 25 years expect most healthcare delivery to be done virtually.

3. Work, school, and home will be the same place. Home offices and virtual classrooms will be the norm, and robots will perform household maintenance, cleaning, and food preparation.

4. Plant-based foods will make a bigger appearance. Lab-grown meat, edible insects, seaweed, and a stronger shift towards plant-based foods, are just some of the massive changes in food production and agriculture. (note: I read a lot about food-and it's future-if you would like more information just send me an email!)

5. Tennis ball speed at 200 mph? Actually, this is not farfetched, the record at present is 163mph. So, if this is not your future sport, how about space flying or swiming in artificial gravity?

6. Recycling clothes. Your future garbage service will include picking up your clothes left on the curbside along with your garbage and yard debris bins.

7. Sewing machines perform and evolve to sewer response. No need to learn sewing technology, how to sew a straight line, and use a pattern!

8. Virtual learning will be the norm. Not only for school age children but also for college students. One proposed benefit, learn at your own pace.

9. High rise farms, wearable computer screens, smart mirrors, and on and on...and robot bees? What's not to imagine?

10. Birdwatching? With more birds becoming extinct, a bird sighting will be all the more fascinating. Or how about going out to eat at a jellyfish restaurant? (note: seasoned jellyfish is quite tasty!)

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