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Father's Day: A Curator's Mind: 10 fun & inspirational articles, posts, & everything in between.

My Father had a passion for good wine and food, sights and sounds of fine arts, and fishing. The good things in life were all passed down to me. Well, except I swapped fishing for pickleball. Happy Father's Day!

1. The Surprising, Controversial Story Behind Father’s Day: Did you know that there was male resistance in the making of a nationally recognized day to celebrate fathers! Really?

2. Stories to Reflect on for Father’s Day. I shared a chapter of my father's life through a curated selection of photos above, in this link, StoryCorps, an organization preserving and sharing humanity’s stories, shares some passionate Father's Day stories.

3. Japanese man, 83, ready for more after crossing Pacific solo. There are so many wonderful and amazing stories about people 'over a certain age' mastering a huge feat. It's not the feat but the attitude of the man that is a 'wow' for me, he says he is still in the middle of his youth!

4. Pickleball Is the Wild, Wild West’: Inside the Fight Over the Fastest-Growing Sport in America: I know first hand why pickleball is a fast growing sport, I love the game! This article is informative AND hilarious! You learn about the origins, why it's popular, the benefits (to ease political tensions?), the controversy (taking over tennis courts?), and the type of pickleball players there are (the dinkers and the bangers; I'm a banger).

5. What Is American Cheese, Anyway? Okay, before reading this article, I too, had a reaction, bad feeling about American Cheese. It's processed, do I really need to say more? However, I admit, this article makes a great and compelling case to accept and appreciate American cheese and its role to make hamburgers great burgers.

6. The Fascinating Histories Behind 9 of Your Favorite Foods. Peanut butter, waffles, pie, eggnog, and more. (This is a TIMES magazine article so unless you subscribe, you only get an abbreviated version of the article but it's still worth a view).

7. The Scoop on Ice Cream. Does a round scoop of ice cream really make a difference in taste? An amusing article and great find (next time I'm in New York I'm visiting the Museum of Ice Cream to tour scoopers standing eight feet tall in a sort of Willy Wonka-style mini-theme park, complete with a pool of giant sprinkles!

8. The photographer who fought the Sicilian Mafia for five decades. A story of a courageous woman photographer who fought criminal enterprise with camera lenses for decades.

9. After Hollywood thwarted Anna May Wong, the actress took matters into her own hands. Another powerful story of a courageous woman. Anna May Wong faced rejection in Hollywood so she took matters into her own hands, she directed her own movies.

10. A 'Weird Museum'. This is not an article, but information about a tourist attraction that provides an unusual and memorable museum experience. In three cities (Sante Fe, Las Vegas, and Denver) 'the museum creates immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration. The latest exhibit looks mind-blowing: 'A Convergence Station is unforgettable, transformational. Discover immersive psychedelic, mind-bending art and an underlying rich narrative as you take a journey of discovery into a surreal, science-fictional epic.'

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